Suffolk Road Residents Network

Coiste comharsan Bóthar an Suffolk

About Us

The Suffolk Road Residents Network, or 'The Network' as it is locally known was set up in June 2008, as a direct response to residents needing help with issues.  Residents in Gleann Dara (formerly San Antone) were approached by a number of residents, as they were the only residents association in the immediate area at that time.  After some discussion it was decided that the best and most effective way to help residents out was to help to empower them to help themselves.  Against a backdrop of major potential problems for the whole catchment area, such as largescale building developments, sewage problems, traffic calming problems and other day to day issues, a public meeting was called in the Lenadoon Community Forum Offices.  The large turnout at the meeting confirmed that people on the Suffolk Road care about their area greatly and wanted many issues resolved.

At the meeting, it was decided to establish a unique model where residents could retain autonomy, while still accessing help, advice and resources through an amalgamated body of residents.  The Network was established, with each street appointing two representatives.

What we do.

The Network meets fortnightly and is unique in the fact that it also has sub groups on a wide range of issues, including planning, community safety and young people, where residents who do not sit on the network are able to have an input into specific focus issues which directly affect them. 

The Network is always on hand to deal with immediate residents issues through the street representaitves, and while each street has identified issues specific to their area, the Network also focuses on common themed issues.  We have had numerous successes over a short period of time, helping Gleann Dara relaunch its building, holding the DRD to account over road resurfacing, working in partnertship with Lenadoon Community Forum on a range of issues, but particularly on the development of a 'Master Plan' for the whole area, providing information and advice bimonthly to over 400 houses in the area, helping residents object to planning proposals, speeding up long overdue roadwork on the Riverview Development, and also helping to reduce anti-community behaviour.

Streets represented on the Network include

The Upper Suffolk Road+++Glean Dara+++Larkspur+++Riverview Ridge and Meadows+++Garvey Glen and Manor+++Old Suffolk Road+++

To have your say, or to become involved email us at

Upper Suffolk Road Residents protesting against the planned development in their street.

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